Expert of Heat Treating
Machine, “Autoclave”

Long Experience and a lot of Achievements

Control System

The biggest feature of ASHIDA's Autoclave is
its high quality control system. It is designed by our many achievements.

Specification designed
by well-experienced staffs

Designed by well-experienced staffs who are experts of thermodynamics, aeromechanics, and vacuum technology.

Propose totally
custom-build machine

We propose the suitable machine for the customer.

(ASHIDA's Autoclaves)
Success in Many Industries

Space Development

Space Development

ASHIDA’s Autoclave technology makes it possible to mold the parts of rockets and satellites which withstand under the severe environments. We proudly play a big role to improve Japanese aerospace industry.



While the parts of aeroplanes are becoming larger, molding machines also need to be larger.
Since we accomplished uniformity of the temperature inside which is the biggest problem with large machine, we have top market share.

Racing Car & Motor Vehicle

Racing car & motor vehicle

Carbon materials have been used for the parts of racing cars, and ASHIDA is one of the valuable names.
We are also working to develop new technology for mass-production of the parts.



ASHIDA’s Autoclaves are used for adhension of Flexible Printed Circuits which are used for complex architecture in the electirical device.
We are also supporting the downsizing of electrical devices.



Such as windshield glass, ASHIDA’s Autoclave technology is used for bonding and degassing glass.



ASHIDA’s autoclave technology is maked efficient use for blades and frameworks of wind power generation or solar panels.We support the effective use of renewable energy.

We propose the most appropriate machine to you

For 60 years since we began business, ASHIDA has provided many forms of autoclave to many kinds of industry.
With specific consultations by well-experienced staffs, we design the exact machine which the customer needs.
And we proudly provide the high quality machine.



For getting informations of our autoclaves or technological issues,
please contact us with the following number or e-mail.

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