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Craftman For Realization of True Manufacturing

Long Time Joint Development

We believe “Providing good machines” is our duty as the manufacturer.
But with only that, it takes so much time to develop the industry.
Creating one product under the cooperation with the material maker, the processor and the machine manufacturer, which is the state we believe true manufacturing should be.

We are working for research and development of new molding process of CFRP and CFRTP including out of Autoclave method.

We can consult best molding method and even teach them to the customers.

We usually consult many thing such as molding method the customers plans to entry composites industry. And we can even teach them molding method.
We can consult about how to mold the product, designing the machine, and the cost.

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Test, Prototype and Mass Production

We own the rarely high spec Autoclave for the test in Japan.
We have many requests such as material test, design spec and mass producing from domestic and overseas.

Spec of Testing Autoclave

Working Area φ800×L900(㎜)
Pressure ~4.5MPa
Temperature ~540℃
We are consulting with the customers about the best condition for the new materials.
About protecting the confidential information of the new material which we have experiences with before, we have received the highly evaluation.
If you have some lack of power with your machine, please contact us for the solution.
And we contract the test in pre-production process.
Mass Production
We have many experiences with mass production with our autoclave designed specially for testing.
We consult about reduction of the machine cost and OEM.

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and mass production


Please contact us from below about Autoclaves and technological issues.

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