High Quality Custom-Made Machines

The Autoclave technology, Which is available only on ASHIDA

We have been manufacturing custom-made machines for various industries.
ASHIDA’s Autoclave technology is based on rich experiences and confident trust.

We are proud to design the best from the customer’s condition and to deliver the high quality machine.

ASHIDA’s Autoclave technology

AUTOCLAVE for Composites Industries

High Accuracy Control System

In the aerospace and automobile industry, CFRP (Carbon Fiber Composite Plastic) is widely used to lighten the parts. It is necessary to produce high quality products stably, and the autoclave in the composite industry requires high precision control accuracy and uniformity of the temperature distribution.


Receive advanced demand

The brand “ASHIDA” holds the top share in Japan.
We receive the advanced demand and realize the customer’s need.


The custom-made machines

We understand the customer’s situation and use,
And we propose the exact custom-made machine to the customer.

Racing car & Automotive

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AUTOCLAVES for Common Industries

Autoclave needs the combined control of heat, water and gas. We provide suitable autoclaves for satisfying various needs,e.g. adhering, molding, laminating, deforming, vulcanizing, rubber vulcanizing, dehydrating, vacuum dehydrating and sterilize steaming.

Electrical device Glass Resource Construction Fishing Net Food


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