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High level of technology

Stable produce of the high quality composite materials

In aerospace and automotive industry, it’s one large demand for the stable produce of the high quality products.
For the weight reduction, Composites autoclaves are demanded high accuracy control system and temperature uniformity.

With rich experiences and achievements, our autoclave realize the stable produce of the high quality composite parts.



Control accuracy
The biggest feature in ASHIDA’s autoclave is its controling system.
From the experience and technology we have been built, we realize high quality controling accuracy.
Regardless of its size, we provide the best controling system.


The operator can program the pattern, operate and maintenance on the Touch screen.


ASHIDA autoclave is proud of its control system, “ACS”.
Computer will help the customer to control by the material’s temperature and -.It is able to research the past operating log.(Optional)


Heat air circulation system
The distinctive system adopted as heat air circulation In the hearth is the original of ASHIDA. The rectification wing installed in an end in an air course gives moderate turning and stirs to the hot wind which flows to a work area In the hearth. The wind velocity and the temperature in the hearth are equalized by this technological introduction, and they become able to provide heat air to each products equally. (A patent is already acquired.)

Technical Data

The purpose, the ability and the size will propose the most suitable specification along the customer's use purpose.

Working diameter φ400㎜~φ7,500㎜(further discussion needed for more than 7,500mm)
Working length 400㎜~40,000㎜(further discussion needed for more than 40,000mm)
Working temperature 50℃~550℃
Working pressure -0.1MPa~5MPa
Heating rate As your order
Cooling rate As your order
Pressurization rate As your order
Heat source Electric, heat medium
Number of temperature sensors As your order
Number of vacuum ports As your order
Option ACS, Compressor, Cooling Tower, Heating medium boiler, Carrier


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