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The Most Suitable Machine

Most High-Quality Machine

The most suitable specification is being designed from the condition that technology is desired of a customer by fine counseling by experienced salespersons.

We design the Autoclave based on the detailed information from the customer.
So we can proudly offer the suitable machine.

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For more than 60 years, ASHIDA MFG has provided many forms of Autoclaves to many kinds of industry. The Every Autoclaves are Custom-made.

Only one


Detailed Hearing

To provide the machine, we hear the customer’s needs a lot. For example, the accuracy, production, traceability, utility, requirement for installing their machine and so on.




Our technical staffs discuss and deliberate based on the information from the customer. After that, we propose the most appropriate machine to our customer. The experienced technical designing staffs are the professionals of thermodynamics, hydrodynamics and vacuum technology, etc.



The Highest Quality Machine
with the close collaboration of sales staff

With the collaboration of sales staffs with rich technological knowledge and technical staffs, We will always in customer's position. We deliver the highest quality equipment with a confidence as the equipment manufacturer which has trust.We proudly provide the high quality machine.

Most high-quality machine


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